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VeggieTales is an American-English series of English language children's computer animated films featuring anthropomorphic vegetables. Developed by Big Idea, the films convey moral themes based on Christianity, often compatible with Judaism, spliced with satirical references to pop culture and current events. However, more recent releases are not limited to biblical themes, but include fairy tales and pirate/Viking genre, and other self-written stories set in Egyptian, medieval, ancient, Western, Persian and other time periods outside a biblical time frame.[citation needed]

VeggieTales was created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, who also provide many of the voices. Originally released in direct-to-video format, the series debuted in December 1994 initially on VHS, moving later to DVD. From September 9, 2006 to September 2009, VeggieTales was featured on the children's programming block called Qubo on the NBC network. As of 2009, the TV show is shown on Gospel Music Channel. The series has still been releasing new episodes on DVD while the television show airs. VeggieTales has also published books, music CDs and branded items such as toys, clothing, and garden seeds for vegetables and flowers (e.g., daisies, fern, tulips, pumpkins, squash, peas, scallions, sunflowers, etc.).


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