White Pony

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White Pony is the third album by Deftones, released in 2000. It is the follow up to Around the Fur, which was released in 1997, and marks a significant growth in the band's sound; incorporating New Wave and shoegaze influences with the alternative metal edge the group had honed and become known for. To this end, it is generally regarded by fans and critics alike as their most mature outing and it is also their highest-selling album to date.

An interview with the band in Alternative Press explained the recording process of White Pony.[1] After a break from touring, the band spent four months in the studio writing and recording White Pony, the longest amount of time they had dedicated to an album thus far. Moreno explained that the majority of this time was spent trying to write songs, and that the writing of "Change (In the House of Flies)" was the turning point where the band began working as a group. Despite being pressured to release the album sooner, the band decided to take their time making the album. Cheng explained that "We didn't feel like we had anything to lose, so we made the record we wanted to make." Moreno did not have a common theme in mind lyrically, but made a conscious decision to bring an element of fantasy into his lyrics, explaining that "I basically didn't sing about myself on this record. I made up a lot of story lines and some dialogue, even. I took myself completely out of it and wrote about other things."

The song "Passenger" features the guest vocals of Maynard James Keenan. The band won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song "Elite" in 2001.[2]

Four different editions of the album exist. On its release date, limited edition copies were released with solid red and black jewel cases. The two differently-colored cases also featured different booklet inserts. Both limited edition versions include "The Boy's Republic", but do not include "Back to School (Mini Maggit)".

The first edition with a gray cover was supposed to be released as the non-limited version of the album. In addition, this version did not feature the track "Back to School (Mini Maggit)". This is the proper[citation needed] version of the album (which was also pressed on clear red vinyl for a promotional run of about 1000 copies), and "Back to School" was only added as a marketing strategy; vocalist and contributing guitarist Chino Moreno has stated that he was not happy about it.[3]


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