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This is a small collection of user-made banners and buttons for Wikipedia. You may be able to use these on your own website under the doctrine of fair use, but please be aware that official project logos are trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation. See also Wikipedia:Wikipedia logos, m:logo and m:logos

Please note that some of these graphics are outdated; is now the English Wikipedia's only URL.

If you are producing a banner and want it to be able to fit in a standard banner slot, it should match one of the sizes given at standard banner sizes. Please group by and give the size to make it easy for people to find the banner which will fit their space.

Copyright: Please note that most of these are not GFDL since they make use of the Wikipedia logo which is not GFDL, but copyrighted to Wikimedia.

Public domain banners

by Mrdthree

Simple banner modified from kyokpae and Ludoesch with the motto of FrazzyDee made imperative Wikipedia-share.png

By RobinEvans

These banners are standard IAB sizes:
Banner 1. 468X60
file name: wiki_by_robin_468_60.jpg
Wiki by robin 468 60.jpg
Banner 2. 234X60
file name: wiki_by_robin_234_60.jpg
Wiki by robin 468 60.jpg
Please use them freely!
Vandals vs editors.PNG
An alternate version of Vandals vs. Editors image.

By Charlie123

Please use it if you wish! Works well on black or white background.

Wikipedia Banner Charlie Guille 1.PNG

Banners that are assumed to be GFDL

By Mark

By kyokpae

By The Neokid


Banner better than any book.png


Banner saving our trees.png

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