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This is a history of bots that have contributed substantial amounts of encyclopedic material in an automated fashion.


Fed. Stand. 1037C

Several hundred articles from Federal Standard 1037C were imported in February 2002. The articles were pre-filtered to remove short entries and entries that were from non-public-domain sources. They were then auto-wikified. Only articles with titles that did not already exist on Wikipedia were imported.

Easton's Bible Dictionary

In October 2001 and again in August 2002, contributors imported quite a few entries from the 100 year-old Easton's Bible Dictionary. These imports caused some discussion because entries were biased, written in a pedantic Victorian prose, and some were incorrectly wikified (self links or multiple links). The issues were worked out with the bot's creator on the Wikipedia mailing list (see [1] and subsequent postings) and various talk pages, and new contributor guidelines were also revised accordingly.

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

The same bot that uploaded the Easton Bible Dictionary material was later used to upload the first major wave of selected articles from Project Gutenberg's copy of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica volume 1.[when?]

BC Decades

Because the decade entries are highly structured, a bot was used to load templates for many of them.

"rambot" and other small-town bots

(October 18, 2002 - October 26, 2002): The so-called rambot created approximately 30,000 U.S. city articles. One error in the data set being used caused a corruption of around 2,000 new articles. Another incident caused the Recent Changes to become more difficult to use for a time and prompted much discussion and the creation of a Wikipedia bot policy.

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