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WikiProject Albums is an organization of Wikipedians dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of all kinds of musical albums. We seek ways of simplifying album pages so users can get the basic information fast, creating high-quality new pages, ensuring a standardized format and make articles as informative as possible.

Feel free to ask questions on the talk page. Below is a basic guide to writing an article on a specific album of music; this is only a guide and you should feel free to personalize an article as you see fit, though others may change it to fit our standards.


Project templates


Everyone is welcome to join the project and contribute. Lists of members can be found in Category:WikiProject Albums members and this list.

To join the project, please add this userbox by adding {{User WikiProject Albums}} to your user page. You will automatically be added to the members category.

Welcome new member

If you'd like to welcome new users with a message that is tailored to the project, please use the code {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums/Welcome}} which will leave this message on their talk page.

When you create or find a new album article, please use the {{WikiProject Albums}} template to include the article in the scope of this project by adding at the top of the talk page:

{{WikiProject Albums
| class         = 
| importance    = 
| attention     = 
| needs-infobox = 
{{WikiProject Albums |class= |importance= |attention= |needs-infobox= }}

Either form is acceptable.

The parameters are used as follows:

  • The parameter class adds the article to categories based on its quality assessment. Use ratings stub, start, C, B, GA or FA according to the the quality scale. If you are unsure about which rating applies, please leave the parameter without a value.
  • For importance, refer to this scale. If you are unsure about which rating applies please leave the parameter without a value.
  • If the page has no infobox, set needs-infobox to yes. Otherwise remove this parameter.
  • If the page needs immediate attention, set it to yes. Otherwise remove this parameter.

[edit] Barnstar

To recognize a fellow editor for his or her work on album articles, feel free to use the Project's barnstar. Add the following code to his or her talk page. Type your own personal message in place of "message".

{{subst:WikiProject Albums Barnstar|message ~~~~}}

WPABarnstar.png The WikiProject Albums Barnstar

[edit] Notability

While members of this project like to see new articles about albums, not all albums should have articles at Wikipedia. Many consider any original studio album by a notable artist to be important enough to deserve an article; other editors follow stricter guidelines. See the following policies and policy proposals:

[edit] Style

[edit] Naming


The article name should be the title of the album, disambiguated if necessary. Do not pre-emptively disambiguate! When there is no other encyclopedic use of the album title, the article should reside at the normal name, e.g. London Calling, not London Calling (album). In cases where disambiguation is needed, the term (EP) should be used for EPs, (video) for video albums and (album) for other albums, e.g. Insomniac (album) and Gas Food Lodging (EP). For multiple albums with the same title, use the artist name to distinguish the different albums, e.g. Down to Earth (Rainbow album) and Down to Earth (Ozzy Osbourne album); though if there is a primary album, such as Thriller (album), then that would get the primary (album) disambiguation, and only the secondary albums, Thriller (Eddie and the Hot Rods album), Thriller (Lambchop album) need be disambiguated by band. For artists who release multiple albums with the same name, disambiguate by year, e.g. Weezer (1994 album) and Weezer (2001 album) (unless the albums were released the same year, in which case they can be disambiguated by some commonly accepted convention).

For split albums of which there is no single official title, use the two artist names separated with two spaces and a forward slash, such as Isis / Pig Destroyer. The artist that is on the A-side (or whose tracks come first on a CD) should be placed first in the article name. If two bands release more than one split together and occupy the same sides on each release, disambiguate normally by year, adding, for example, (2000 album). If the split has two titles, one per side, use the same forward-slash formatting, such as Jihad / Freezing Moon.

If the album title uses the Latin alphabet, the article name should be at that title. Translations of titles in languages other than English should not be used as titles unless such a translation is commonly used as a title for the album in the English-speaking world. For example, Født til å Herske, not Born to Rule, Swanesang, not Swan Song, but Chant, not Canto (because the album was marketed as "Chant" in most English-speaking countries).

If the album title does not use the Latin alphabet, the article name should be the transliterated form of the title using Latin characters. For example, Vrisko To Logo Na Zo, not Βρίσκω Το Λόγο Να Ζω (the name written in the Greek alphabet) or I Find the Reason to Live (the name translated from Greek into English), and Boku no Miteiru Fūkei, not 僕の見ている風景 or The Scenery I'm Looking At, but Common Jasmin Orange, not Qi li xiang, 七里香, or Seven Mile Fragrance (because the English name "Common Jasmin Orange" appears on the album cover along with the Chinese name). The original language title should appear in parentheses (brackets) in the opening line of the article following the transliteration.

See also: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (use English).

[edit] Formatting

Songs and singles are placed in "quotation marks", album titles are italicized and artists are left alone, with punctuation outside quotation marks, for example,

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