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Hello, and welcome to the WikiProject Clans of Scotland. This WikiProject aims primarily to organise and developed a series of articles about the clans of Scotland. This includes each clan's individual characteristics such as their songs, tartans, mottos, arms, chiefs, battles etc.

Our guidelines, written by us for us, are only suggestions, things to give you focus and to get you going, and you shouldn't feel obligated in the least to follow them. But if you don't know what to write or where to begin, following the below guidelines may be helpful. Mainly, we just want you to write articles!


The unassigned priorities for the Project are as follows :

When expanding stubs, remember that they become eligible for a Did you know? slot on the main page if you can expand them 5-fold within 5 days. It's worth organising your edits accordingly, if necessary editing offline with a {{Under construction}} template on the article itself until you're ready to unveil the expansion.


Crystal exec.png AAlertBot has been approved to run Article Alerts from now on. Final functionalities and details are still being worked out. You can report problems here and make suggestions for new features here .

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