PHI 313 HW 4

Pre-precept submission due: [2017-10-09 Mon 11:00]. Pre-precept submission form. (Reminder: getting in a good-faith pre-precept attempt on time is a precondition for getting a “K” on the assignment.)

HW due: [2017-10-11 Wed 11:00]. Homework submission form

1 Instructions

  • Please name each homework map you create as follows: “hwK-mapN, where K is the homework number and N is the map number within that homework.
  • This week you will be filling in and adding to map skeletons we provide. To use a skeleton:
    1. Follow the link to the skeleton.
    2. Near the top of the screen, select “Open with MindMup 2.0”.
    3. Once you have opened the file in MindMup, make a copy of it (File menu > Make a copy) that will be stored in your Google Drive (this is the file you will edit and submit).
    4. Now you can work on the map.
    5. To go back to your work after a break, simply find the file in your Drive. You may need to right-click the file and then select “Open with” > “MindMup 2.0”.
  • There are also some short-answer questions, whose answers you should paste into the short-answer areas of the submission forms.

2 Tasks

  1. Open: David Christensen. Disagreement and public controversy
  2. Read and map the argument in section 1 (“Independence-based conciliationism”) for IBC, starting from this skeleton. (You need do no more than fill in the blanks. As always, please leave the numbers in parentheses intact, and leave a few underscore characters on either side of what you fill in, so that we can easily pick out your contribution.)
  3. Give an example of a substantial factual claim about which you disagree with someone you count as an epistemic peer (and who has access to roughly the same relevant evidence that you do). [1 sentence]
  4. To what extent have you in fact moderated your opinion about that particular factual claim in the light of that peer disagreement? [1 sentence]
  5. To what extent does IBC require you to moderate your opinion in this case, and why? [A few sentences.]
  6. Optional (tricky): Why did I add the word “relative” to the top box in the skeleton map? [1 sentence] [If you already worked on this question, feel free to paste in your answer. If not, please ignore the question.]

Date: October 5, 2017

Author: Adam Elga


Created: 2017-10-10 Tue 11:52