PHI 313 HW 5

Pre-precept submission due: [2017-10-09 Mon] 11am. Pre-precept submission form.

HW due: [2017-10-18 Wed] 11am. Homework submission form

(Reminder: getting in the assignment and also a good-faith pre-precept attempt on time is a precondition for getting a “K” on the assignment.)

1 Instructions

  • Please name each homework map you create as follows: “hwK-mapN, where K is the homework number and N is the map number within that homework.
  • As usual, paste the answers to any short-answer questions into the short-answer areas of the submission forms.

2 Tasks

  1. Open: David Christensen. Disagreement and public controversy
  2. Re-read section 1 of the paper, paying special attention to the paragraph stating IBC and the paragraph following that one.
  3. Read sections 4-5.
  4. Map the main arguments in section 4. Your map should have a single top box: the claim that IBC does not require Christensen to reduce his confidence in Evolution in the light of disagreement. Hint: Christensen considers several candidate arguments for the above claim. He gives reason to reject all but one of them.
  5. Consider the dispute about Evolution from the point of view of a religion-based Evolution-denier. According to the view in section 4 of the paper, what (if anything) does IBC say about whether such a denier should change his or her view about Evolution on the basis of disagreement? [1-2 sentences.]
  6. Map the argument in section 5 for the claim that IBC requires Christensen to reduce his confidence in Minimum Wage in the light of disagreement from conservative economists. Include in your map the objections to the argument that Christensen considers.
  7. Map the argument in section 5 for the claim that when applying IBC to disputes about which we are emotionally invested, we should be especially generous in our epistemic assessments of our opponents.

Date: October 12, 2017

Author: Adam Elga


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