PHI 313 HW 6

Pre-precept submission due: [2017-10-23 Mon] 11am. Pre-precept submission form.

HW due: [2017-10-25 Wed] 11am [2017-10-26 Thu] 10am. Homework submission form

(Reminder: getting in the assignment and also a good-faith pre-precept attempt on time is a precondition for getting a “K” on the assignment.)

1 Instructions

  • Please name each homework map you create as follows: “hwK-mapN, where K is the homework number and N is the map number within that homework.
  • As usual, paste the answers to any short-answer questions into the short-answer areas of the submission forms.
  • Because this map is larger than previous ones, as you are editing you may wish to use the “/” keyboard shortcut to collapse/expand the sub-map below the currently selected node.

2 Tasks

  1. Read: Sections 1-6 of Michael Huemer, Why People Are Irrational about Politics.
  2. Add a top box capturing the main conclusion of those sections.
  3. Add a second level capturing the broad structure of the argument for that main conclusion.
  4. Fill in more sub-arguments, using your judgment to balance the competing goals of keeping the map as readable as possible while conveying as much as possible of the paper’s most important arguments.
  5. Pay special attention to the arguments in section 2d and in section 4; be sure to map those in detail.
  6. Optional: read section 7. If as president of the US you were convinced that “the problem of political irrationality is the greatest social problem humanity faces”, what would be your first priority policy change? (If you suggest budget reallocations, please give estimated amounts as fractions of total national spending.) [1-2 sentences]

Date: October 18, 2017

Author: Adam Elga


Created: 2017-10-24 Tue 11:19