PHI 550: First Year Philosophy Graduate Seminar

Instructor: Adam Elga <>

Meetings: Thursday 9:00-11:00a at Marx 201.

This page:

A seminar for first-year graduate students in philosophy. We will cover a range of topics with an emphasis on careful analysis of arguments, in part by creating argument maps (visual representations of the structure of arguments).


  • Use password (to be distributed in class) to access this folder containing the readings (along with optional background readings).
  • Since we will be sometimes create argument maps in small groups, please always bring a charged, wifi-enabled laptop to class.
  • Before the first session, please:
  • The work you do for this course may be anonymously used for the benefit of other students. If you would prefer that your work not be used in this way, please email the course instructor at any time in the semester. No explanation is required: an email with subject line “I opt out of future use of my work” is sufficient. Students who opt out will not be penalized in any way. Also, if you are generally ok with such use but there is a particular assignment you’d prefer to be kept private, feel free to include a note saying so at the top of that assignment.


(Readings subject to change.)