Principal investigator

Professor A. James Link

207 Hoyt Laboratory


Professor Link grew up in Newburyport, MA and obtained his B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 2000. Following undergraduate studies, he moved to southern California to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Caltech under the direction of David Tirrell. After receiving his Ph.D. in 2005, Prof. Link was an NIH Kirschstein Fellow at the University of Texas, Austin, in the lab of George Georgiou. He began his appointment as assistant professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton in July 2007 and was promoted to associate professor in 2013.

Current graduate students

Joseph Koos

Joe Joe is a graduate student in the Molecular Biology department. He grew up in Fort Ann, NY and moved across upstate NY to attend Colgate University, where he received a B.A. in biochemistry. Before coming to Princeton, Joe spent time doing research at the NIH and Colgate during undergraduate as well as two years as a technician at Memorial Sloan Kettering working in a crystallography lab. Outside of lab, he likes to read or go biking.

Frank Piscotta

Frank Frank is a graduate student in chemical and biological engineering from Secaucus, NJ. He received his B.E. in chemical engineering from the Cooper Union in New York, NY and works on a wide variety of projects in the lab. Outside of the lab he enjoys playing sports and hopes the Rangers win the Stanley Cup every year.

Chuhan Zong

Chuhan Chuhan Zong is from the lovely city Chongqing in China. She attended the University of Minnesota for college, where she obtained her BS in Chemistry and Biochemistry. She has worked at the Mayo Clinic, where she conducted research on protein engineering and breast cancer. She loves music and especially enjoys playing the guitar and keyboard. She also likes food and travel.

Wai Ling Cheung

Wai Ling Wai Ling is a third-year CBE graduate student from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated in 2010 from Princeton University with a B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering and a certificate in engineering biology. She has previously worked in the Link Lab for two years, where she studied the lasso peptide maturation of microcin J25 for her senior thesis. After her undergraduate studies she first worked at Exelus Inc. on heterogeneous catalysts for one and a half years followed by two and half years at Rinat, Pfizer on protein engineering. She is excited to be back.

Current undergraduate students

Madison Parry '18


Madison Madison is a senior in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department with a focus in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Three summers ago, she attended the Leach Summer Scholars Program in Princeton University’s chemistry department where she did research with the Carrow Group in organometallic catalysis of ethyne polymers. This past summer she did NMR spectroscopy research at Merck in the Structure Elucidation Group. In her free time, she enjoys going on runs and sketching.

Michelle Richardson '18


Michelle Originally from the beautiful city of Seoul, South Korea, Michelle is a senior in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department getting certificates in Engineering Biology and Global Health Policy. Outside of the classroom, she works as a fellow at the Writing Center to help students from all different backgrounds improve their writing. Michelle has always had a love for animals and sports (especially tennis), and enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.

Danielle Taylor '18


Danielle Danielle is a senior in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department with a focus in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. She has previously done research with the Food and Consumer Packaging Innovation team of Klöckner Pentaplast, a leading plastic film manufacturer. Outside of the classroom, she is the publicity chair for the Princeton Highsteppers and a member of the Princeton Caribbean Connection board. In her free time she enjoys creative writing (especially screenplays), petting dogs, trying new restaurants, and watching many hours of the Food Network and HGTV.


Graduate Students

  • Caitlin Allen, PhD *16
  • Alan Futran, PhD *16, BMS
  • Mikhail Maksimov, PhD *15, Illumina
  • Diya Abdeljabbar, PhD *12, Merck
  • Siyan Zhang, PhD *12, Merck
  • Jessica Pan, PhD *12, Merck
  • Jack Lu, MA *14
  • Jingjing Sun, MA *09


  • affiliation after Princeton/current affiliation
    • Shubham Chatterjee '17, Boston Consulting Group
    • Aastha Chokshi '17, MD program, New Jersey Medical School, Newark
    • Garrett Skrbich '17, Pfizer
    • Aded Yako '17, DDS program, Columbia
    • Rebecca Philpott (REU student, summer 2016, Lyon College)
    • Kenneth Hubbell '16, Merck
    • Caroline Kim '16, USDA
    • Jason Qin '16, Kallyope
    • Chad Wangsanuwat '16, PhD program, UCSB
    • Lawrence Yu '16, Beyond Meat
    • Cat Nguyen '17 (summer research, summer 2015)
    • Ariel Kunkel '15, Seilevel
    • Dan Thanh (Nini) Le '15, Medtronic
    • Caitlin Wood '15, PhD program, University of Delaware
    • Cathy Chen '14, MD program, University of Mississippi
    • Maria Chen '14, MD-PhD program, Baylor
    • Bozhena Lisko '14, Goldman-Sachs
    • Allyse Terrell '14, Capital One
    • Michelle Wu '14, PhD program, Stanford
    • Michael Foglio (REU student summer 2013, Richard Stockton College), Atlanticare
    • Yan Wu '14, PhD program, UCSD
    • Edwin Jeng '13, PhD Program, Stanford
    • Hannah Kaplan '13, Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Astra Zeneca
    • Santiago Martinez Legaspi '13, PhD program, Rice
    • Jen Siegel '13, Integra Life Sciences/Master's program at Bentley University
    • Eugenia Zah '13, PhD Program, UCLA
    • Norah Ashoura (REU student summer 2012, Florida Inst. of Tech.), PhD program, UT Austin
    • Angel Placeres Beltran (REU student summer 2012, University of Puerto Rico), PhD program CWRU
    • John Tian '12, Epic Systems Corporation/Intelligent Medical Objects
    • Mehek Punatar '12, Masters Program, Columbia University/Dasra Girl Alliance
    • Michelle Luo '12, PhD Program, NC State/Emmune
    • Moises Montalvo (REU student summer 2011, University of Puerto Rico), Merck/Michelin
    • Hank Song '11, Princeton in Latin America
    • Angel Long '11, MD Program, Duke University/Radiology Resident, Ohio St. University
    • KL Huang '11
    • Jakub Rajniak '11, PhD Program, Stanford University/Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSF
    • Molly Herring '10, DO Program, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine/Internal Medicine Resident, Geisinger Medical Center
    • Jayne Choi '10, CNT Energy
    • Wai Ling Cheung '10, Exelus/PhD Program, Princeton University
    • TJ Klein '09, MD-PhD Program, Wright State/Ob-Gyn Resident, University of Toledo
    • Jay Kwak '09, MD Program, Yonsei University
    • Igor Dikiy '09, PhD Program, Weill Cornell Medical School/Postdoctoral Fellow, CUNY
    • Nicole Clarke '09, PhD Program, Stanford University/Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Lucy (Xu) Chang '08, Nomura/Cambridge Associates
    • Dave Uppal '08, Chevron/Palantir
    • Ishani Sud '08, Federal Government
    • Rochelle (Murray) Robertson '08, General Mills/Facebook
    • Karen Aherne '08, University College Dublin/MedImmune

    High School Students

    • Caren Ju, Princeton HS, summer 2016
    • Akhil Dondapati, West Windsor Plainsboro HS, summer 2014, now at NJIT
    • Karen Zhang, Lawrenceville School, summer 2014, now at Princeton
    • Angelo Villaneuva, Union City HS, summer 2013, now at Rutgers
    • Kimberly Perez, Union City HS, summer 2012, attended Princeton
    • Christian Ugaz, Union City HS, summer 2011, attended St. Peter's College
    • Shruti Patel, Union City HS, summer 2011, attended Rutgers
    • Paola Severino, Union City HS, summer 2010, attended Yale
    • Emma Russo, Union City HS, summer 2010, attended Brown
    • Yan Wu, Montgomery HS, summer 2009, attended Princeton, now at UCSD PhD program
    • Ana Kakkar, Lawrenceville School, summer 2008, attended Claremont McKenna College