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Molecular Diversity II
Fan (Helen) Yu ‘08
Department of Psychology / Program in Neuroscience
Second in a two-part series, this piece again shows the similar concept of biological development of simple organic compounds into lower and higher order organisms and animals. It takes the idea a step further than its predecessor in both artistic and thematic representations. Firstly, the black and white switches to a more complex monochromatic scale, which lends the intensity to the color scheme. The DNA is no longer abstract helices but more realistic models of molecular bundles. The organism is no longer a simple conch shell or a hand but an evolution of simple eukaryotic cells to a lynx (a higher-order mammal). This second piece is a response to the theme suggested by the first piece—it asks how much the theory of the first piece applies to the whole realm of life in nature. In a way, it indirectly asks the scientific community how much of their research applies to the world at large, a question that often slips away for the pursuit of knowledge.