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Jennifer Rea 06
History of Science
Anatomical illustration within its historical context reveals a great deal about the ways in which people view themselves. In this painting I have taken an illustration from William Hunter's 1774 Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus entirely out of its context and given it new life to speak to today's audience. Using animal pattern found in a purchased piece of mass-produced cloth, this image raises more questions than it answers. In this sense I intend this piece to startle the viewer and engage the viewer in introspection. The piece accentuates the gruesome reality of historical inquiry into the human body which produced such anatomical artwork prior to today's medical imaging. The figure itself is designed to straddle a number of representations, speaking to the connotations that come with either a fetus or an infant. By remaining ambiguous, this piece speaks of the ways in which science, and the terminology given through science, shapes people's perceptions of the world and themselves.