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Jennifer Rea 06
History of Science
Anatomical illustration within its historical context reveals a great deal about the ways in which people view themselves, a reality that I intend to subvert with this painting. Leonardo da Vinci's investigations of the world produced drawings that remain largely available today. Yet without the necessary understanding of what Leonardo's intentions and thought processes were, it is questionable what effects images such as his sketches of fetuses have today. In this painting I used his sketches superimposed upon purchased cloth with a floral pattern. Thus there is a collaboration within the image between vegetal and human growth, as well as mass-production and individualized inquiry into views of life. The figure itself is designed to straddle a number of representations, speaking to the connotations that come with either a fetus or an infant. By remaining ambiguous, this piece speaks of the ways in which science, and the terminology given through science, shapes people's perceptions of the world and themselves.