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Fall 2004 – Spring 2005

Schedule of events. Unless otherwise noted, most events are by invitation only. If you would like to attend, please contact Sandy Paroly (; 609-258-5023).


CACPS Sponsored Conferences, Meetings, and Workshops

Museums in Presidential Libraries

A dozen individuals from across the country came to Princeton in April 2004 to discuss the performance of presidential libraries regarding their museums and public and educational programs and to consider the policies and practices influencing them. The Princeton group discussed three broad areas: strategic planning in individual libraries and for the system; the quality and character of museum programs; and resources for such programs. Conclusions and recommendations were published in a brief first report in February 2005.

CACPS Public Symposium on "The Creation of the Media: Political Origins of Modern Communications."

This symposium examined and debated the arguments put forth in a new book by Paul Starr. Speakers: Paul Starr, Princeton University; Nicholas Lemann, Columbia University; Eli Noam, Columbia University; Annabel Patterson, Yale University; and Michael Schudson, University of California, San Diego.

Thursday, May 6, 2004, 4:00-6:00 p.m., 001 Robertson.

"What can economists say about happiness?"

Bruno Frey, University of Zurich; response by Daniel Kahneman. October 6, 2003

Taking the Measure of Culture workshop

June 7-9, 2002

Culture, Contention and Conflict

October 11-12, 2002

Research on Artists: A Working Conference at Princeton University

May 24-25, 2000

What is Cultural Policy? A Dialogue for an Emerging Field

April 29, 1999


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