• Aylin Caliskan-Islam. A Story of Discrimination and Unfairness: Implicit Bias Embedded in Language Models. HotPETS 2016 - PETS Symposium, 7.22.2016. video coming up soon - Best Talk Award.
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam. De-anonymizing Programmers and Code Stylometry – Large Scale Authorship Attribution from Source Code and Executable Binaries of Compiled Code. Princeton University CITP Luncheon Speaker Series, 03.01.2016.
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam. De-anonymizing Programmers. 32nd Chaos Communication Congress, 12.29.2015.
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam. Code Stylometry and Programmer De-anonymization. Goettingen University, 12.23.2015.
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam. De-anonymizing Programmers via Code Stylometry. Cornell Systems Lunch, 12.04.2015.
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam. Support Vector Machines, Kernel Methods, Random Forests, and Feature Projection. Guest Lecture, CS613-Machine Learning, 01.28.2015. slides - Nominated for the Teaching Assistant Excellence Award.
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam, Rachel Greenstadt, and Rebekah Overdorf. Source Code and Cross-Domain Stylometry. Role of Stylometry in Privacy. 31st Chaos Communication Congress, 12.29.2014. video
  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam. Security Review of Digital Privacy and the Underground: Miscreant Activity in the Internet. Guest Lecture, CS475-Computer and Network Security, 03.6.2014. slides
  • Sadia Afroz and Aylin Caliskan Islam. Stylometry and Online Underground Markets. 29th Chaos Communication Congress, 12.28.2012. video - slides
  • Aylin Caliskan Islam. Quantifying the Translator Effect: Identifying authors and machine translation tools in translated text. Girl Geek Dinners Philly, 02.18.2011. slides


Princeton University

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Aylin (pronounced the same as "Eileen")

Aylin Caliskan

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