The Black Arts Company

The Black Arts Company (BAC) is Princeton's premier hip-hop dance company. Founded in 1990 with the mission of spreading cultural awareness of the African Diaspora through dance, BAC has since grown to embody much more.

Our company is a diverse group of over 30 Princeton students with a shared passion for dance, including all forms of hip-hop and more. Whether grooving on stage or on the dance floor, we know how to turn up the heat and love to have fun. BAC's Fall and Spring semester are always full of energy and hype, boasting one of Princeton's loudest and most enthusiastic crowds. Apart from our semester shows, the Company also hosts annual dance workshops open to all students, produces concept videos online, and brings the world's priemier hip-hop dancers to Princeton to teach choreography.

BAC is open to all students regardless of race or gender. Currently our company has dancers from all four Princeton classes with all backgrounds in dance including lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, and no experience at all. Regardless of they are however, our dancers are all part of one big purple family living by the motto, "when in doubt, swag it out."

BAC's style includes everything from traditional African to hip hop to lyrical and modern dance. We are constantly exploring new styles of dance and welcome innovation through experimentation. Overall, a BAC performance is a collage of dance that amuses, questions, and most of all, entertains.