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The Grygiel and Bogucki 1990 paper on Neolithic antler T-axes that appeared in the journal Archaeomaterials is not available online and the journal is defunct.    A PDF copy can be downloaded here.

< Neolithic Burials at Osłonki, Poland


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Peter Bogucki's CV


Peter Bogucki (pronounced bow-good'-ski) is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University, where he had previously served as Director of Studies of Forbes College. He received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his A.M. and Ph.D. in anthropology from Harvard University. Since 1976 he has studied early farming societies in Europe (ca. 6000 - 3000 B.C.), specifically in Poland with excavations at the sites of Brześć Kujawski and Osłonki.  As associate dean for undergraduate affairs, he has executive oversight of advising and degree progress for over 1,300 students who are candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree at Princeton.


His major publications include: 

  • Early Neolithic Subsistence and Settlement in the Polish Lowlands (Oxford: BAR International Series 150, 1982) 
  • Forest Farmers and Stockherders. Early Agriculture and its Consequences in North-Central Europe (Cambridge University Press, 1988; reprinted in paperback, 2009) 
  • Case Studies in European Prehistory (edited; CRC Press, 1993) 
  • The Origins of Human Society (Blackwell Publishers, 1999)
  • Ancient Europe, 8000 B.C. - A.D. 1000: An Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World (co-edited with Pam J. Crabtree, Charles Scribner's Sons, 2004), named one of Best Reference Sources 2004 by
  • Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World (edited, Facts on File, 2008).
  • Animal Exploitation by the Brześć Kujawski Group in the Brześć Kujawski and Osłonki Region, in Grygiel, Ryszard, Neolit i Początki Epoki Brązu w Rejonie Brześcia Kujawskiego i Osłonek (The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Brześć Kujawski and Osłonki Region), volume II/3, pp. 1581-1704. Łódź: Konrad Jażdżewski Foundation for Archaeological Research/Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, 2008).
  • Multiproxy Environmental Archaeology of Neolithic Settlements at Osłonki, Poland, 5500-4000 B.C. with Dorota Nalepka, Ryszard Grygiel, and Bolesław Nowaczyk, Environmental Archaeology 17(1): 45-65 (2012).
  • Hunters, fishers and farmers of northern Europe, 9000-3000 B.C.E. in The Cambridge Prehistory, edited by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn, volume 3, pp. 1835-59, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2014).
  • The Barbarians: Lost Civilizations(Reaktion Books, 2017); Winner of Society for American Archaeology 2018 Book Award in the Popular category.
  • European Archaeology as Anthropology:  Essays in Honor of Bernard Wailes (co-edited with Pam J. Crabtree, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2017).

Current publication projects include:

Bogucki on NPR speaking about the discovery of the earliest evidence for cheese production during the late sixth millennium B.C. by colleagues at the University of Bristol (Mélanie Salque, Richard Evershed) can be heard HERE. See the article in Nature HERE (subscription may be required) presenting the research results. The LA Times did a nice article on our discovery, seen HERE.

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< Excavations at Osłonki


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Note:  Please direct all general inquiries about undergraduate admission to the Princeton Undergraduate Admissions Office.
Uwaga!  Proszę skierować wszystkie pytania o studiach na Princeton University do Princeton University Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Note:  Peter Bogucki's area of scholarly expertise is PREHISTORIC Europe, before A.D. 1 in western Europe and before A.D. 1000 in eastern Europe, and particularly before 2000 B.C.    All inquiries about recent European, world, and Polish history, society, culture, and other topics (e.g. Poland in World War II) should be directed elsewhere.   

Note:  "Bogucki" is a relatively common Polish name.   It is number 386 on a ranked listing of the 20,000 most common Polish surnames and it occurs in all parts of Poland.    Unless you are certain that your Bogucki ancestors emigrated to the United States in the 1890s from an area within 10 miles of 52:26:02N, 17:46:47E (Witkowo, Wielkopolska, Poland), then it is unlikely that you are related to this Peter Bogucki on his Bogucki side.

Note: Peter Bogucki does not participate in Facebook, LinkedIn, or similar social media. Please do not hound him with invitations to join or to befriend you.   Please do not contact him via academic social media (e.g. ResearchGate) to ask for PDFs of his papers.    He will gladly send them, if available, if you simply send him an e-mail.


School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Princeton University
C-207 Engineering Quad
Princeton, NJ 08544 USA

Phone: 609-258-4554
Fax: 856-504-0060



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To make an appointment, please CALL 609-258-4554 (off campus) or 8-4554 (on campus) and speak with Ms. Traci Miller, Undergraduate Affairs Administrator. 

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