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Photo Gallery

More than you ever wanted to know (or see) of Princeton College Bowl. Click on the small photo to view a larger version.

[pennbowlx.jpg] Happy Penn Bowlers, we.
Left to right: Front: Jacob Mikanowski, Jeff Hoppes, Larissa Kelly, David Sachs; Back: David Isaacson, Jeff Crean (Penn Bowl X, January 2001)
[jcreanexcited.jpg] Was that one power, Jeff?
Jeff Crean at same practice (Fall 2000)
[jthreading.jpg] Jeff Hoppes, reading a packet in his inimitably gracious manner (Fall 2000)
[div2.jpg] The Division II team before the NAQT ICT.
Left to right: Mike Chiswick-Patterson, Ben Horwich (coach), Jeff Hoppes, David Sachs, Faith Hillis (April 1999)
[jumper-cables.jpg] A typical tournament for Princeton (Penn Bowl VIII, January 1999)
[mostofus98.jpg] Most of the 1998/99 dramatis personae.
Left to right: Steve Lawrie, David Isaacson, Bruce Lin, Larissa Kelly, Ben Horwich, Daniel Weiss, David Sachs, Barbara Slote, Mike Chiswick-Patterson, Jeff Hoppes, Abhi Raghunathan. Photo taken December 1998.
[andrea-n-bruce.jpg] Late night quiz practice session in the hotel.
1998 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament, held in Nashville, TN.
Moderator Andrea Rossillon (hand on mouth) and team member Bruce Lin (with disloyal shirt). Ben and Dan (not shown)
[andrea-n-ben.jpg] The morning after the practice, I think.
Andrea and NAQT team captain Ben Horwich.
[waffle-house-nashville.jpg] The three dwarves at the Waffle House: Sleepy, Suave, Smiley.
(The Waffle House, NAQT ICT 1998 at Nashville; photo credits: A. Rossillon).
[danclark.jpg] Yet another photo from the Waffle House courtesy of Andrea:
"Ladies / with an attitude
Dan / Clark, in the mood
[swarthmore.jpg] Swarthmore tournament, March 1998.
Front, left to right: Ben Davenport, Peter Coles, Steve Lawrie, David Isaacson, Bruce Lin. Back, left to right: Stephen Edwards, Troy Smith, Ross Fisher, Jeff Crean, Aino Wheler, Ben Davenport

(Warning: the main file is large, 231 KB.)

[mostofus.jpg] Most of the PCB regulars at practice, March 1998.
Front, left to right: Dan Weiss, Aino Wheler, Steve Lawrie, Ben Horwich, Peter Coles, Ben Davenport.
Back, left to right: Andy Horchler, Steve Edwards, Ross Fisher, Jeff Crean, Bruce Lin, Jeremy Weissman, Dan Clark
[baby.jpg] Baby with beer.
[princeton_harvardb.jpg] At Loker Commons in Harvard after the NAQT Ivy League / New England Regionals tournament (November 14-15 1997).
Left to right: Emily Johnson, Jeff Stewart, Steve Lawrie, Troy Smith, Ross Fisher, Peter Coles, Steve Edwards, Jeremy Weissman.
[troy2.jpg] More of the same.
Left to right: Jeff Stewart, Ross Fisher, Peter Coles, Steve Edwards, Steve Lawrie, Jeremy Weissman, Emily Johnson, Bruce Lin
[goofy.jpg] No comment.

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