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Tour of the Clubhouse

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions (large files will take more time to download) and see if you can answer these quiz questions. The answers are on the bottom of the page.

10.gif (344290 bytes) 1. What is the name of thearchitect that designed the clubhouse?
5.gif (358632 bytes) 2. What is unique about the light over the front door? 
8.gif (369151 bytes) 3. What palaces of Henry VIII is the paneling in the Gallery modeled after? 
9.gif (338856 bytes) 4. What does the motto "Ubi Amici Ibidem Sunt Opes" over one of the fireplaces in the Dining Room mean?
4.gif (322277 bytes) 5. Who is the man in the portrait over the fireplace?
3.gif (336609 bytes) 6. The cottage library is a reproduction of what 14th Century library in England?
2.gif (320990 bytes) 7. What movie starring Walter Mattheu, Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan was filmed in the library?
11.gif (304493 bytes) 8. Who is quoted as having said "To play a good game of billiards is the mark of a well rounded education; But to play too good a game of billiards is the mark of an ill-spent youth"?
6.gif (334706 bytes) 9. In whose memory are the steps leading to the garden dedicated?
7.gif (294231 bytes) 10. To which members of the Club are the gazebos dedicated?



1. Charles Follem McKim of the firm McKim, Mead and White.

2. The lantern is half in and half out of the fanlight, creating continuity between the exterior and the interior.

3. Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.

4. "Where there are friends, there are riches."

5. Edgar Palmer ’03, who, with his father contributed two-thirds of the money required to construct the clubhouse.

6. Merton College, Oxford England.

7. "I.Q."

8. Sir Herbert Spencer.

9. Gorton Fauntleroy ’13.

10. John Foster Dulles ’08, former Secretary of State and James V. Forrestal ’15, the first Secretary of Defense.