PHP/MySQL Web Development Using Dreamweaver


Welcome to the handout for OIT's class on PHP/MySQL Web Development Using Dreamweaver. Rather than giving you a paper handout it seems appropriate to present this material on the web (at location The objectives of this four-hour class are to give you fundamental training in the basics of creating PHP/MySQL web applications using Dreamweaver. Specifically you will:

In order to successfully follow this guide and do the exercises on your own we make the following assumptions:

Class Schedule

Minutes Exercise Section
20 1 Defining MySQL tables with phpMyAdmin
10 2 Defining your Dreamweaver Site for Webscript
10 3 MySQL connections
40 4 Inserting records
15   BREAK
20 5 Master-detail page sets
60 6 Editing records
60 7 Maintaining support tables
5   Going further

Let's get started...

Your instructor:
Dave Herrington
OIT Database Application Services

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