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oval_with_points.jpg (15630 bytes) All DeSC computers use Norton AntiVirus 5.0.  Below you will find information about this software.

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Norton Anti Virus (NAV) is installed on all DeSC computers (if you find it is missing on your DeSC computer, please contact the CIT Help Desk).

NAV is designed to update automatically its virus definitions once each week.   These definitions help ensure that NAV will be able to detect and remove even the most recently discovered viruses.

Below is a schedule of when DeSC computers will have their NAV virus definitions updated.  This schedule will be repeated each and every week.  In the event of an urgent virus threat, CIT can perform an emergency distribution of the latest virus definitions to all DeSC computers.

Live Update Schedule
A computer's name will determine when it gets updated.  To determine your computer's name, click here.  Computers beginning with the following letters will be updated on the specified date and time.

Computer name beginning with... Will be updated on...
A - B Monday 4 AM
C - D (except DEV-) Monday 6 AM
E - G (except FAC-) Tuesday 4 AM
H - M Tuesday 6 AM
N - P Wednesday 4 AM
Q - T Wednesday 6 AM
U - Z Thursday 4 AM
DEV- Thursday 6 AM
FAC- Thursday 7 AM

Troubleshooting and Technical Information
Occasionally, if Live Update is unable to complete the virus definitions update successfully, you will see an error message.  Click here for the text of that error.

If Symantec's Internet site is overwhelmed with virus update requests, Live Update may be unable to get the latest definitions.  Live Update may also fail to update the virus definitions if an error occurs during the update process.  One can determine how fresh the virus definitions are by running Norton AntiVirus and reading the text in the NAV window that begins "Using virus definitions dated..."

If your virus definitions are out of date (more than two weeks old) you may wish to update them manually.  Symantec provides an auto-updater file at this location:

arrows1.gif (838 bytes) CIT Help Desk's AntiVirus information page
arrows1.gif (838 bytes) Symantec's Virus Definitions update page

You can get the May 8, 2000 virus definitions here.


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