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Greater NY Econometrics Colloquium December 2008

Greater NY Econometrics Colloquium December 2014

June 2012 Inference in Nonstandard Problems

June 2014 Inference in Nonstandard Problems
June 9th and 10th 2014



Picture of Gregory C. Chow

The Econometric Research Program grew out of the Economic Research Project, which was started in 1948 by Oskar Morgenstern. Before his retirement in 1970, significant research included game theory, analysis of time series, input output analysis and mathematical programming. Since 1970, significant work has covered general equilibrium theory, construction and analysis of econometric models, stochastic dynamics, theory of economic behavior based on dynamic optimization, time series, semiparametric and nonparametric methods, microeconometrics, and related empirical studies. The results of these studies are discussed in seminars and published in the form of research memorandums, monographs, and books. The members of the group are available for consultation by other faculty members as well as by students working in these and related fields. 

The Econometric Research Program was renamed the Gregory C. Chow Econometric Research Program in 2001 in order to honor the contributions of Gregory Chow. Pictures from the reception celebrating the name change can be found here.

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