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Bas van Fraassen

For a very dramatic picture, see A Memento to Mori

I grew up with a cat and so I know that cats are the most intelligent, graceful, and insightful beings in the Universe. (This is already an example of how we humans can achieve a small measure of wisdom if we live with cats.)
My whole family has always been into cats, and since I don't have a cat of my own now, I will tell you about some of theirs. My sister Gina's cat Tuti was remarkable by any measure.

This does look an assault on a poor innocent bird in a cage; but appearances are deceptive: the two were friends:

The little parakeet in these pictures came to a tragic end, ath the hands of another cat, when she escaped the house last summer. But Gina now has another bird, a little parrot called Nika:

Here Nika suddenly noticed that her cage had been occupied while she was traipsing around the room, and she is protesting loudly.

The story of Put-Put is a bit more tragic but also has a happy ending. Put-Put was the only survivor of six starving stray kittens, adopted by Kees (my brother) and his wife Barbara. He was so small and pitiful he had to be fed with an eyedropper, but put on weight pretty quickly -- and flourished till he was about two years old. Then he became ill and died. Eventually his place was taken by Buffy, a lynx-point Siamese ... and Buffy developed the same symptoms as Put-Put .... But here is the happy ending:

Kees developed a herbal tonic CatSu, and Buffy was cured..

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