Professor Gregory Chow

Papers available for Downloading:

China's Economic Reform at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Accounting for Economic Growth in Taiwan and Mainland China: A Comparative Analysis

Mainland China and Taiwan Relation: Where Will It Go?

"The impact of joining WTO on China's economic, legal and political institutions," to appear in Pacific Economic Review, vol. 8, no. 2, (June 2003).

A time-series analysis of the Shanghai and New York stock price indices," (with Caroline C. Lawler), Annals of Economics and Finance, November 2003.

 "Prospects of political integration of China mainland and Taiwan," presented as a keynote address before the International
Conference on "Integration of the Greater China Economies" organized by the Chinese Economists Society held in the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, June 28, 2002.

"Can economists forecast accurately?" a keynote address presented at the meeting of Academia Sinica in Taipei, July 1 2002.

Reviews of China's Economic Transformation (in Chinese).

Data Files on China's Economy

A 1999 Article

Free to Choose in China

The Role of Planning in China’s Market Economy

Money, Price Level and Output in the Chinese Macro Economy

Another Look at the Growth of Output in China

Demand for Education in China

Are Chinese Official Statistics Reliable?

Globalization and China 9-8-05

Corruption and China’s Economic Reform in the Early 21 st Century

An Economic Analysis of Health Care in China

Rural Poverty in China: Problem and Policy

An Economic Analysis of Health Care in China in Chinese.doc

China's Economics Education and Economic Reform (in Chinese, published by World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007) - Excerpts

China's Energy and Environmental Problems and Policies

Economic Analysis and Policies for Enviornmental Problems

Demand and Supply for Residential Housing in Urban China

Note on a Model of Chinese National Income Determination

Important Lessons from Studying the Chinese Economy

On the Empirics of Inflation in China

Entrepreneurship Propelling Economic Changes in China

Will China have serious inflation?

China's Environmental Polciy: A Critical Survey

Has the Efficiency of Chinese State Enterprises Increased?

Co-movements of Shanghai and New York Stock Prices by Time-Varying Regressions

Lessons from Studying a simple Macroeconomic Model for China

A model of inflation in Taiwan

A model for national income determination in Taiwan

Usefulness of Adaptive and Rational Expectations in Economics

Econometric Analysis of Stock Price Co-movement in the Economic Intergration of East Asia

Housing Price in Urban China as Determined by Demand and Supply


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