Lace Making in the Seventeenth Century

Sigismundus Latomus, Schön newes Modelbuch: von 600. ausserwehlten künstlichen so wol italiänischen, frantzösischen, niderländischen, engelländischen als teutschen Modeln, allen Seydenstickern, Nähterin vnd solcher Arbeit gefliessenen Weibspersohnen zu Nutz zugerichtet = Un beau et nouueau liure à patrons: enrichie de six cens belles pourtraitures et patrons exquises, tant à la mode italiène, françoise, du Pais Bas, angloise, qu’allemande, fort profitables à tous brodeurs, cousières, & autres dames & ieunes filles desireux de ceste besoigne (Getruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn [Frankfurt am Main]: Durch Sigismundum Latomum, M.DC.VI. [1606]). Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) Oversize 2005-0157Q

This unrecorded first edition pattern book contains 17 fullpage and 96 vignette woodcuts on 34 leaves of plates. Latomus catered to an international clientele of women and girls, offering both favorite designs and the latest in needlework patterns. An elaborate opening woodcut cartouche with contemporary hand coloring was commissioned by Latomus specifically for this edition. The design features Virtues and Senses in the four corners: Labor, Diligence, Sight, Touch. In the central scene, six women can be seen weaving, measuring, and cutting fabric, while also attending to a wealthy customer and his page.

For more information on this and other of model books, see Arthur Lotz, Bibliographie der modelbücher (Leipzig: K. W. Hiersemann, 1933). Marquand Lib.NK8804 .L9