ELuArd's dADa jOUrnAl pROverBE

Paul Éluard (1895-1952), editor, Proverbe (No 1, fév. 1920-No 6, juil. 1921). Graphic Arts (GAX) 2009- in process

Graphic Arts recently acquired a complete set of the Dada periodical Proverbe, edited by the French poet Paul Éluard (born Eugène Émile Paul Grindel, 1895-1952). Not only is this an incredibly rare set, difficult to find in its complete six issues, but our copy is extra illustrated with a fabulous array of Dada research materials. These include:

A handwritten letter from Paul Eluard to the French writer Édouard Dujardin (1861-1949) July 1, 1920.

An invitation to the Max Ernst (1891-1976) exhibition at the “Sans Pareil” Gallery in 1920. This show introduced Ernst and his collages to Parisian society.

A vintage photograph of Eluard along with André Breton (1896-1966), Philippe Soupault (1897-1990), Jacques Rigaud (1681-1754) and Serge Charchoune (1888-1975) at the Ernst opening at the “Sans Pareil” Gallery.

A vintage photograph of Tristan Tzara (1896-1963), Breton and Rigaud.

A poster for Excursions et visites dada. 1ère visite: Eglise Saint Julien le Pauvre. Jeudi, 14 avril (1921). Signers include Buffet, Aragon, Arp, Breton, Éluard, Fraenkel, Hussar, Péret, Picabia, Ribemont-Dessaignes, Rigaut, Soupault et Tzara.

An original drawing by Louis Favre (1892-1956) of Celine Arnauld (1885-1952)

An original prospectus and subscription bulletin for Proverbe

Contemporary photographic portraits of Breton and Tzara printed in offset, and press clippings with photographs of Tzara and Éluard from the forties.

The volume is bound in boards with tipped on duplicate wrappers from Proverbe No. 6 Numero Speciale d’Art et Poesie. Also tipped into the volume are seven hand-written pages describing the importance of Proverbe with the original bookseller’s description of this special copy.