Vandercook Book

The Vandercook Book (New York: Roni Gross and Barbara Henry, 2009). Edition: 100. Graphic Arts (GAX) 2009- in process

The first Vandercook printing press was developed by Robert Vandercook, working in Chicago in September 1909, and so, this is its one hundredth anniversary. To celebrate, Roni Gross and Barbara Henry at the New York Center for the Book have assembled and published a limited edition box set highlighting the work that master printers across the county are doing on their Vandercooks.

This anniversary edition includes 30 broadsides by 30 diverse printers working with monotype, polymer plates, linoleum, and many other printing surfaces on a variety of papers. A bound pamphlet with essays by Barbara Henry, Henry Morris of Bird & Bull Press, Michael Peich of Aralia Press, Fritze Klinke of NA Graphics, Paul Moxon and Perry Tymeson is also included.

Later this spring, a traveling exhibition of the printed works from this edition can be seen at The Printing Museum in Houston Texas, Rutgers University in New Jersey, Columbia University in New York, The Book Club of California and the University of Washington.

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