Little Devils

Isaac Cruikshank (1764-1811), after a drawing by George Moutard Woodward (1760-1809), John Bull Troubled with the Blue Devils, 1799. Hand-colored etching. London: S.W. Fores, 1799. Graphic Arts division (GAX) R1800.02E

Shortshanks (Robert Seymour 1798-1836), Morning, no date. Hand-colored etching. “Etched by shortshanks in imitation of George Cruikshank” Graphic Arts (GAX) R2800.02E
George Cruikshank (1792-1878) after a drawing by Captain Frederick Marryat (1792-1848), The Cholic. Hand-colored etching. Originally published London: G. Humphrey, 1819; second state published London: McLean, Aug. 1, 1835. Graphic Arts division GC022 Cruikshank

James Gillray (1757-1815), Le Diable-Boiteux,-or- The Devil upon Two Sticks, Conveying John Bull to the Land of Promise, 1806. Hand-colored etching. Published London: Hannah Humphrey, 1806. Graphic Arts (GC Gillray Collection)