Drawn by Wicked Ned

U.S. Frigate Savannah. stuck by a heavy Squall when entering the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, between the hours of 7 & 8, on the evening of July 5th 1856. Drawn by Wicked Ned and lithographed by Endicott & Company, New York. Graphic Arts GA American prints

The U.S.S. Savannah was built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and launched on May 5, 1842. The Savannah served as the flagship for the Pacific Squadron, with a crew of 480 officers under Captain Andrew Fitzhugh. In 1853, she sailed a three-year cruise on the Brazil Station, until 1856 when the frigate was struck by a heavy squall entering the harbor of Rio de Janeiro, as seen above. The Savannah was inactivated that fall but recalled for several additional missions before being taken out of service for good in 1862.

When this print was found in the department, it was so light damaged and water stained that we could barely see the image. After treatment by our senior paper conservator, Ted Stanley, it is again in good condition, although we still have no clue as to the artist.