Fiddler D.D. and Scraps Magazine

D.C. Johnston (1799-1865), Scraps (Boston: D.C. Johnston, [1830?]-1849). Some issues include separate titles such as no. 4 for the year 1833: Trollopania; no. 5 for 1834: Fiddle,-D.D.; no. 7: Phrenology exemplified and illustrated. Designed, etched and published by Johnston. Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books, GAX Oversize Hamilton 938Q

Look closely, see the title in the hair.

David Claypoole Johnston gave up acting after only a few years to pursue a career in engraving, both on copper and wood. He started one of the earliest comic magazines in the United States, called Scraps, which was printed from engraved copper plates and included four pages of cartoons in each issue. Some frames are sequential and some frames stand alone. Here are a few examples.