Once a Chicken, Always a Chicken, a film script by László Moholy-Nagy


Telehor: The International Review New Vision (Mezinárodní časopis pro visuální kulturu / Internationale Zeitschrift für visuelle Kultur / Revue internationale pour la culture visuelle). Brno, Czechoslovakia: Frantisek Kalivoda, 1936. Vol. 1 no 1-2: Published as a special double-issue devoted to L. Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946). Foreword by Siegfried Giedion; essays by L. Moholy-Nagy; design, typography and postscript by František Kalivoda. Text in English, French, German and Czech. Graphic Arts GAX 2010- in process


This rare Czech serial (never went beyond the first issue) focuses on the career of the Bauhaus professor and modern artist László Moholy-Nagy. Through the words of the artist himself, the issue presents his theories on the plastic arts, film, theater, and in particular, photography as “the new vision.” There are 69 photographs, film clips, and reproductions of his work.

Texts include:
Letter to Frantisek Kalivoda by Moholy-Nagy
From Pigment to Light by Moholy-Nagy
A New Instrument of Vision by Moholy-Nagy
Problems of the Modern Film by Moholy-Nagy
Once a Chicken, Always a Chicken by Moholy-Nagy: a film script on a motif from Kurt Schwitter’s Auguste Bolte