New Years Resolutions: Manly Exercises


Donald Walker. British Manly Exercises: in which rowing and sailing are now first described; and riding and driving are for the first time given in a work of this kind; as well as the usual subjects of walking, running, leaping, vaulting, balancing, skating, climbing, swimming, wrestling, boxing, training, &c., &c., &c. Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle, 1836 [i.e., 1837]. Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) 2006-1726N


Donald Walker was the Jack Lalanne of the nineteenth century. An expert on physical fitness and training, his first book (for men only) was published in 1834 and quickly sold out. Ours is an American reprint from a few years later, at the same time that Walker adapted his training exercises for women and published a companion volume, “calculated to preserve and improve beauty.”


Donald Walker, Exercises for Ladies: calculated to preserve and improve beauty, and to prevent and correct personal defects, inseparable from constrained or careless habits. 2nd ed.: with great additions and improvements as well as original communications from Madam Dulcken on the proper seat at the pianoforte, from Mr. Bochsa on the proper seat at the harp, from Mr. Schulz on the proper seat at the guitar, &c. &c. &c. London: Thomas Hurst, 1837. Rare Books (Ex) 2005-2464N