Meeting of the Legion Club

meeting of the legion.jpg
After Johann Heinrich Ramberg (1763-1840), The Meeting of the Legion Club, 1787. Etching. Graphic Arts British caricature

Drawn to commemorate the opening of the British Parliament on 23 January 1787.

Such assemblies you, might swear,
Meet when butchers bait a bear;
Such a noise, and such haranguing,
When a brother thief is hanging:

Such a rout and such a rabble
Run to hear Jack-pudden gabble:
Such a crowd their ordure throws
On a far less villains nose.———

Let them with their gosling’s quills,
Scribble senseless heads of bills,
We may while they strain their throats,
Wipe our a———s with their votes.——— 23 January 1787