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The French engraver and typographer Louis Luce was the inventor of the light typeface we call “Luce”. He was born in Paris in 1695 and worked first for the silver and goldsmiths. Eventually, he was named printer to the King and engraver to the Imprimerie Nationale. In 1771 Luce wrote Essai d’une nouvelle typographie: ornée de vignettes, fleurons, trophées, filets, cadres & cartels, inventés, dessinés & exécutés. Graphic Arts GAX Z250.L944. Just a note, former owners of our copy include William M. Ivins and Theodore Low De Vinne.

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Louis-René Luce (1695-1774), L’impremerie presente aux sciences une epreuve, et les couronnes au temple de memoire (Printing Presents Science a Proof, and the Crown to the Temple of Memory), 1761. Engraving. GC077 French Prints Collection.