Twenty-first Century WunderCabinet


The WunderCabinet. The Curious Worlds of Barbara Hodgson & Claudia Cohen ([Vancouver]: Heavenly Monkey Editions, 2011). One volume housed in a box decorated with onlaid wood veneers. Each box also contains a unique assortment of approximately two dozen objects, divided between several compartments, with a handwritten catalogue itemizes each object. Designed by Barbara Hodgson. Printed by Rollin Milroy at Heavenly Monkey. Paper made by Reg Lissel. Peter Braune and Lesley Anderson of New Leaf Editions printed the frontispiece copperplate etching. Hand coloring and other embellishments by the authors. Bound by Claudia Cohen. Copy 3 of 30. Graphic Arts GAX 2011- in process

“The WunderCabinet is Cohen and Hodgson’s interpretation of … 16th-to-18th century cabinets of curiosities. It is a glimpse into the authors’ own collections through essays, images and objects. … In the spirit and mode of the authors’ ongoing series of books exploring color …, the many & diverse images … take a variety of forms, whether engraved, hand drawn, hand coloured, layered or collaged. Objects included with the book follow this tradition and complement the topics covered in the book.”