Lurline, the Nymph of the Lurlei Berg


Unidentified artist, Mrs. Honey as Lurline the Nymph, ca. 1834. Etching with hand coloring and beading. Graphic Arts 2011- in process.

Laura Honey (1816?-1843) played the part of Lurline, the Nymph of the Lurlei Berg in the fairy drama of the same name from January 13 to March 22, 1834 at the Theatre Royal, Adelphi. The play began every evening at 6:45, and a second, half price show was performed at 8:30. Ticket prices: box 4/-, pit 2/-, gallery 1/-.

“Laura Honey, a delightful vocalist, and comedy actress, first appeared at the Strand in a piece of Leman Rede’s Loves of the Angels. Mrs. Waylett sang a telling ballad, directed to Mrs. Honey’s eyes: ‘Those eyes, those eyes, so beautiful and rare!’ Yates engaged her for the Adelphi. Her progress speedily attracted the notice of Bunn and Charles Kemble. A ballad, O My Beautiful Rhine, with imitations of Tyrolese singers, attracted great attention. Endowed with rare musical gifts and a lovely face, Mrs. Honey had not long to woo fortune: it wooed her. She retired from the stage and died at an early age (thirty-two), lamented by all who knew her kindly nature and real worth.”—obituary.

This print is also know as a tinsel print. Tinseling enthusiasts bought plain or colored prints, then added costumes made of die-cut metal foils (tinsel) as well as bits of fabric, leather, feathers, and any other suitable material.

J.S. Dalrymple, Lurline, or, The Revolt of the Naiades: a Romantic Opera, in Three Acts (London: J. Cumberland, [1835?]). Frontispiece by C.W. Bonner, after a design by Robert Cruikshank. Graphic Arts Collection (GA) Cruik R 1830.9