Pynson Printers' Logo

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Boris Atzybasheff (1899-1965)

Elmer Adler (1884-1962) formed the Pynson Printers in 1922 with his partners Walter Dorwin Teague, David Silve, and Hubert Canfield. They opened for business on the second floor of a garage on East 32 Street that belonged to W. Goadby Loew. Adler had three presses and one customer.


Two years later when Arthur Sulzberger invited Adler to move into rooms at the New York Times Annex on 43rd Street, Adler marked their floor with a new logo, inspired by the design of Charles Lebrun (1619-1690), Mercury and Pegasus, ca. 1680. It was Walter Teague, Adler’s partner, who finalized the Pynson pressmark but several others played with the concept.

pynson printers7.jpg Rockwell Kent (1882-1971)
pynson printers14.jpg Wharton Esherick (1887-1970)
pynson printers13.jpg Donald McKay (1914?-2006)
pynson printers12.jpgLucian Bernhard (1883-1972)
pynson printers15.jpgCarl Noell (active 20th century)
pynson printers8.jpgArthur Allen Lewis (1873-1957)
pynson printers5.jpgWalter Dorwin Teague (1883-1960)
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Pynson Printers original drawings, GC049.