Denis Rosse's mark


Here are two French title pages with relief prints, one with the publisher’s device printed from wood and one printed from a metal plate. They each display a rose bush, two gryphons, and a dog. The woodcut includes the motto: A l’aventure (Adventure) and the metalcut has the text: A l’aventure tout vient a ponit [point] qui peut atendre (Adventure, all things come to him who waits).

There are four printers marks for Denis Rosse listed in Philippe Renouard (1862-1934), Les marques typographiques parisiennes des XVe et XVIe siècles (Paris: Champion, 1926[-28]). Firestone Library Oversize Z236.F8 R466 1926q.

Renouard tells us that Denis Roce or Rosse (flourished 1490-1517) was a printer, publisher, and binder. He worked at the sign of St Martin on the Rue St-Jacques where he published many books on his own and in association with other printers.

Graphic Arts, Book-leaf collection