Pissarro's Pastorale


Pastorale. Wood-engravings by Lucien Pissarro, with a note on the Kelmscott paper by John Bidwell ([Oxford]: Ashmolean Museum; [New York]: The Morgan Library & Museum; Risbury, Herefordshire: Whittington Press, 2011). Copy 53 of 100. Graphic Arts GAX 2012- in process.


John Randle of Whittington Press notes, “The Ashmolean … [has] kindly allowed us to print from Lucien’s original wood-blocks which are in their possession. The Morgan Library and Museum … supplied 2000 sheets of the Batchelor’s Crown and Sceptre paper which has lain in their store for over a century.”

“This edition of 300 copies is set in 12-point Caslon type & printed from the three different papers made by Joseph Batchelor & Son to the original specifications of William Morris … The 40 copies bound in vellum are printed on the Otter paper, and contain a portfolio of proofs of the engravings, and one additional engraving, all in a solander box”.

“The 100 copies half-bound in Oasis leather and pre-war Fabriano Ingres are printed on the Flower paper made for the Kelmscott Press, and also contain the proofs and additional engraving. The 160 regular copies are half-bound in Fabriano Ingres papers and printed on the Crown and Sceptre paper”.