Providing WiFi in 1918

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“Memorandum. Portable Exhibition Outfits for Motion Pictures.

During the Fourth Liberty Loan Campaign in connection with the Outdoor activities of the Speakers Bureau, motion pictures were exhibited at night on the streets as part of the regular Outdoor meetings.

It was necessary to provide a movable platform on which could be mounted a motion picture projection apparatus, the standards to support the motion picture screen and some means of providing an electric current for use in the lamp house.

On careful consideration it was decided that the light wagon type of trailers was best suited to this work, and arrangements were made with The Eastern Trailmobile Sales Co. #110 West 40th St., New York City, to supply the trailers for this work.

Such an arrangement provided a complete unit made up of projection apparatus, storage battery and motion picture screen all mounted upon the trailer, in such manner that it was only necessary to haul this equipment to the point where the meeting was to be held.

A full report on this matter has been made by the Speakers.

[Signed] H. L. Adams [October 1918]”