Lovers, sympathetic and otherwise

lovers7.jpgSympathetic Lovers, Feb. 6, 1797
lovers5.jpgAged Lovers, Jan. 2, 1797

Lovers. Eleven plates designed by George Moutard Woodward (ca. 1760-1809) and etched by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) ([London: Hooper & Wigstead, 1797-98]). Graphic Arts Collection (GA) Oversize Rowlandson 1797f. Gift of Dickson Q. Brown, Class of 1895. Not illustrated: Drunken Lovers, Quarrelsome Lovers, and Dukes Place Lovers.

lovers1.jpgForgiving Lovers, March 15, 1798
lovers4.jpgAvaricious Lovers, no date

lovers8.jpgSpiritual Lovers, Jan. 2, 1797
lovers2.jpgCountry Lovers, March 15, 1798

lovers3.jpgBashful Lovers, March 15, 1798
lovers6.jpgPlatonic Lovers, Jan. 1, 1797

Platonic Lovers
It is not that delicate frame,
Nor the roseate hue of that skin
In my breast that has kindled the flame
Which burns up my vitals within

Those shortly must vanish away.
And leave not an atom behind,
To me richer charms you display,
In the Beauties that dwell in your mind.