Moritz Götze


Moritz Götze, Gulliver (Rudolstadt: Jens Henkel, Burgart-Presse, 1996).
32 serigraphs. Graphic Arts GAX 2012- in process


“Serious and Lightness:
Seven men are taking a boat trip. Debris and mines are floating on the water. On board the ship is an oil barrel, a lit torch and a TV set. The sea is stormy, and the waves look like shells. Welcome to Rococo. Welcome to the 21st century.

Moritz Götze likes to use metaphors and historical settings to address pressing issues of his time. With outstanding painterly virtuosity and draughtsmanship, he assembles his visions into crystal-clear compositions whose semantic layers reach near-abyssal depths. Though his visions are often clad in aristocratic nonchalance, they can occasionally become explicit, and sometimes drastic.”—Götze’s website