House Cleaning no. 2. The Family Jewels

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Josepha Weitzmann-Fiedler (1904-2000), the wife of Princeton University medievalist Kurt Weitzmann (1904-1993), was a scholar in her own right. She published Aktdarstellung in der Malerei (Annex ND3305 .W44); Romanische Bronzeschalen mit Mythologischen Darstellungen (Recap 29525.963); Romanische gravierte Bronzeschalen (Oversize NK7904 .W44q); and Zur Illustration der Margaretenlegende (SA ND3385.M25 W4).

She also worked as an assistant to Paul Frankl (1878-1962), helping to complete a study of Gothic Architecture for the Pelican History of Art (1956) and a study of Gothic literature (1960). Both Mr. and Mrs. Weitzmann donated material to Firestone Library (as recent house cleaning attests). Photograph:

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