Vauxhall Ticket 1792

vauxhall theatre ticket2.jpg

This is a ticket to the Vauxhall Theatre, London, for the evening of May 31, 1792. It retains the original wax seal, to prevent forgeries. Thursday, May 31 was the opening night for the new season, which this year included a masked ball.

“On the death of the younger Jonathan Tyers in 1792 ownership of the Gardens passed to Bryan Barret, High Sherrif of Surrey, who was married to Tyers daughter Elizabeth. A Masked Ball was held on 31 May contemporary accounts describing the Gardens as a Blaze of Light. Admission charges were raised to two shillings, or three shillings on Gala nights.” —quoted from “Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens” on the Vaux Hall Civic Society website at:

vauxhall theatre ticket1.jpg