Pilgrim's Progress 1744

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John Bunyan (1628-1688). The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World to That which is to Come. The Second Part. Deliver’d under the Similitude of a DREAM: Wherein is Set Forth, The manner of the setting out of his Christian wife and children, His Dangerous Journey; And safe Arrival at the Desired Country. The Seventeenth Edition. Boston: Printed by John Draper for Charles Harrison, 1744.
Gift of Sinclair Hamilton. Hamilton 20.

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This is the first American edition of the Second Part of The Pilgrim’s Progress, originally published in London in 1684. The Boston edition is illustrated with four woodcuts, one of which was also used in the First Part published four yeas earlier in Boston by G. Rogers and D. Fowle.

“… I did not think / To shew to all the World my Pen and Ink / In such a mode; I only thought to make / I knew not what: nor did I undertake / Thereby to please my Neighbour; no not I; / I did it mine own self to gratifie.”

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The AUTHOR’S Apology For His BOOK

When at the first I took my Pen in hand,
Thus for to write; I did not understand
That I at all should make a little Book
In such a mode; Nay, I had undertook
To make another, which, when almost done,
Before I was aware, I this begun.