Graphic Arts Collection Scrapbooks

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Pictured here are a few of the American scrapbooks recently found and catalogued in the Graphic Arts Collection. Most hold examples of chromolithographic trade cards, valentines, and pretty girls. One is filled with wood engraved cartoons and one with engraved portraits. All are available for viewing in our reading room.

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“But those people who are choosing to print out their photos and make scrapbooks may have the last laugh because the materials they are working with now are much more [durable] than they were before. Archivists are struggling to maintain
old scrapbooks, but in 100 years these things will last, they are indestructible. There will be an entire world of material culture studies that looks at just this, these scrapbooks.” Jessica Helfand, author of Scrapbooks: an American History (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008). Firestone Library (F) Oversize TR465 .H445 2008q

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