Japanese Kimono Catalogue

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Kosai, edited by Takeda, Narajiro (Daimaru Gofukuten). Kyoto: Daimaru Gofukuten, 1911 (Meiji 44). Graphic Arts Collection 2013- in process

This kimono sales catalogue was published by a fabric shop in Kyoto, just before it developed into a modern department store. Although there are no other records for the book in OCLC, the Japanese National Diet Library, or other similar databases, we have the editor’s seal and publisher’s seal listed on the colophon page to identify the volume.

In 1717, Shimomura Hikoemon Shokei opened Daimoniya, a kimono fabric store in Fushimi, Kyoto. Later moved to Osaka, the store’s motto was “service before profit.” In the twentieth century, they opened a modern department store in its present Kyoto location and in 1928, changed the name to Kabushiki Kaisha Daimaru. A history of Daimaru has been posted at: http://www.j-front-retailing.com/ir/annual_report/jfrnowe36.pdf.

The kimonos are beautifully printed with multiple woodblocks and striking color. My poor images here don’t do justice to the actual catalogue.

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