Pynson Printers Seal

pynson printers seal.jpg
pynson printers seal2.jpg

If there was ever any doubt that Elmer Adler (1884-1962) and his colleagues established the Pynson Printers in 1922, all questions are now answered. We just discovered the official seal for the printing business Adler opened together with designer Walter Dorwin Teague (1883-1960), production manager Hubert L. Canfield, and typographer David Silve.

They named the firm after Richard Pynson (1448-1529), one of the first printers of English books and advertised: “The Pynson Printers are at your service for the planning and production of all printing in which quality is the first consideration.”

The first office was located on the second floor of a garage on East 32 Street that belonged to wealthy socialite and financier William Goadby Loew (1876-1955). Adler had three presses but only one customer and within a year, he was the only partner left in the business.