Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Sunday Bloody Sunday (Dublin: Irish Republican Socialist Party, 1978). Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2013- in process

Not all rare books are old or bound in leather. This publication from 1978 commemorated the sixth anniversary of 30 January 1972, known as Bloody Sunday. Only four copies are listed in OCLC and only two in the United States.

The foreword, written by The Chairperson, Comhairle Ceanntair, Derry City I.R.S.P., reads in part, “The pamphlet is in eight parts, and has drawn a great number of sources together to present as far as possible, the events of that date, but also the political background which led up to that march which ended in a river of blood. … Part 7, entitled, There’ll be another day, is taken from the front page of the first edition of the Starry Plough, and is believed to have been written by Nell McCafferty, a Derry journalist working with the Irish Times.

Angelique Chrisafis, writing for The Guardian said, “Nell McCafferty, a foul-mouthed and fearless social commentator, is one of the great feminist heroes of the liberalisation of Ireland. Part Germaine Greer and part Mae West, she is not a woman you should spurn.”

Part 8 offers Thomas Kinsella’s famous poem, The Butcher’s Dozen, which “expresses the anger and disgust of Ireland’s leading poet. This work, with the sub-title A Lesson for the Octave of Widgery, appeared in pamphlet form in late April 1972. …”

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